Thursday, December 6, 2007


As Chris hinted at in his post, my role as partner-in-food frequently results in a little negative nancying (sugar, do you really think pickles dipped in habanero sauce is a good idea at 10pm?) but you'll never catch me raining on a cupcake parade, or really any type of bread or pastry parade.

When I'm not gently hectoring, I pay the bills working at a law firm. Our recent honeymoon in France caused me to realize that one of my favorite roles is as a food tourist. We'll be posting quite a few stories about our delicious and decadent experience in France so more on that later.

The only unpleasant side effect of food tourism is the 10 lbs I gained in France (despite all the walking - grr), so one major theme of this blog will be our efforts at cooking delicious food that works with my weight loss goals.

Like many folks we are trying to eat more locally produced, wholesome and handmade foods and our blog will track our efforts in this area.

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